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70120 Tamiya Aerial Ropeway Cabin Set

70120 Tamiya Aerial Ropeway Cabin Set

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70120 Tamiya Aerial Ropeway Cabin Set

This Educational Construction kit features an aerial tram which glides through the air along a stretched rope. When the slide bar on top of the tram makes contact with a stopper set on the rope, it moves a lever to change the direction of the worm gear, spring, and counter gear mechanism and causes the tram to make a return trip. The kit is easy to assemble and only involves snapping parts together and attaching a few screws. The tram itself is made from paper stock and may be finished in the colors of your choice. A 3-three-meter long length of rope is conveniently included.

Set Contents
Tram Length: 116mm, Tram Width: 73mm, Tram Height: 105mm, Type 130 Motor Included

Separately Required

R6/AA/UM3 Alkaline Battery x1

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