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8610 Tamiya 1/10 Aqroshot DT-03T

8610 Tamiya 1/10 Aqroshot DT-03T

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8610 Tamiya 1/10 Aqroshot Dt-03T

his assembly kit R/C truck features a stylish body inspired by the breathtaking, exciting low form of U.S. stadium racing trucks. Made from lightweight and durable polycarbonate, it features a rear wing, and can be decorated using the flashy markings included in the kit. The chassis provides suitably dynamic driving fun, and is mounted with front and rear wheels of differing offset, mounted with radial semi-pneumatic tires for a stable ride.

The stylish slimline form of this chassis stems from its lightweight yet durable monocoque frame, which features a longitudinally-positioned battery and the R/C equipment along the centerline for excellent balance. The combination of a long 287mm wheelbase and 4-wheel double wishbone suspension married to CVA oil dampers with long arms at a 25-degree attachment angle, allows the model to handle with stability on poor surfaces. The rear-positioned gearbox is sealed to protect from dust and dirt, with the built-in differential gear offering smooth cornering.

●Length: 425mm, Width: 298mm, Height: 143mm ●Wheelbase: 287mm ●Tread (Front/Rear): 251mm/243mm ●Tire Width/Diameter (Front & Rear): 47/84mm (Front) ●Monocoque Frame ●Rear Wheel 2WD ●3-Bevel Differential ●2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod ●Front & Rear Double Wishbone Suspension ●CVA Oil Shocks ●Gear Ratio = 9.28:1 ●Type 540 Motor ●Requires electronic speed controller (sold separately)

Separately Required Items
●2-Channel R/C Unit with ESC ●Battery Pack & Charger ●R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter


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